Rechurch has Retired

End of an era! Rechurch has finished, after 12 years of multifaceted ministry in Ōtautahi and beyond. Thank you to our planters and staff, our hundreds of members (short and long term) over the years, and those who stuck it out to the end.

We're sad, reflective and tired, but are trusting God for new directions and spiritual whānau. You could pray that we have clarity and rest, and that long beyond the existence of Rechurch, the fruit God has grown through Rechurch would continue. We know Jesus understands the process of loss, death and new life, especially at this time of year. Happy Easter!

Change can be unsettling. You’ll have questions and concerns, and hopes about what is next. We’re keen to hear from you, discuss and pray together about what’s best for the Kingdom of Jesus.

Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui e hoa ma ki te ara o Ihu Ariki
(Be strong, be brave, be steadfast, my friend, as we follow the way of King Jesus)



Lee Fraser

Lee Fraser

Communications and pastoral care

Info/news juggling, and conversations about hard stuff, are all up Lee's alley.

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

Missional Community Leader

Bruce enjoys learning and sharing what he’s learning. He keeps busy rethinking church so that everyone can hear the great news that Jesus loves them.

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