We're rethinking church for the keen, the not so keen, and the inbetween.

Meeting Sunday, 9:30am at Waitākiri School

What happens on Sunday ?

At Rechurch we're a little bit... different.

We're not your typical church, so if you've been to church before and hated it, been and not really liked it, or never been at all - then this is a church you could come check out.

We meet on Sundays in the Waitākiri School hall, grab a coffee/tea/milo, find a chair and enjoy. We'll start out with some music so sing along, lip sync or just take it in - up to you.

After that we move onto seeing how a 2000+ year old book is still relevant today, because although technology changes rapidly, humanity doesn't.



Jodi Taylor

Jodi Taylor

Family & Children

Jodi helps equip us all with the knowledge to make great families. She also co-ordinates fun events and the kids love being taught by her on Sundays.

Yeni Freeman

Yeni Freeman

Worship Co-ordinator

Yeni heads up the Worship team, she makes sure that they all know where they should be and what they should be doing ... she also makes sure they have fun along the way. You'll often find her behind the keys on Sundays.

Lee Fraser

Lee Fraser

Admin/Communications and pastoral care

Info/news juggling, print media, service/event planning, and conversations about hard stuff, are all up Lee's alley.

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

Overseer and pastoral care

Bruce enjoys learning and sharing what he’s learning. You’ll often find him up front on Sundays. He also keeps busy rethinking church to make it attractive again to those who may have given up on it, so that everyone can hear the great news that Jesus loves them.

Adam Freeman

Adam Freeman


Adam loves music and all things tech. He likes to use music to help keep scriptural truth at the forefront of our minds. You'll often find him behind guitar, mic or preaching on Sundays.

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Got questions ?

Not sure what to expect? We've got an FAQ page to answer some of the questions that we've often heard people ask. But to get a decent answer, come along and feel free to ask in person.

What’s on at Rechurch ?