A big part of a Christian's life is to study the Bible and discover more about Jesus, so that we can become more like him. We also want to be able to answer other's (and our own) difficult questions. The Bible can be quite daunting to begin with, and that is why we have this page, this should help you with some resources to get started. Note you can also listen or watch videos if you find it hard to absorb information by reading.

Youversion/The Bible App

This is the best place to start, it's the Bible, but not just one Bible - there are also:

  • Different Bible Translations
  • Multiple languages
  • Audio versions of the Bible
  • Reading plans/Devotions
  • Online, or as an iOS or Android app
  • Social functions, add friends, share verses
  • Reminders for reading
  • Verse of the day

Click here for The Bible app

The Bible Project

This site has a collection of videos about books of the bible as well as topical videos like God's Holiness, the Law, Sacrifice and Atonement ... as well as a large range of topics that can be quite hard to grasp. They do a great job of explaining these topics in a way that you don't need a theological degree to understand.

In addition to that, they have a fantastic podcast, which takes a deep dive into the making of the videos and gives a wealth of knowledge to explore the topics fully.

They also have study notes and posters that you can download freely.

Click here to visit The Bible Project

One Minute Apologist

Apologetics is simply a fancy way to say that you can defend what you believe, or provide good logical reasons to be able to trust the Christian religion. If this is a new concept to you, or you often wish you had answers to life's difficult questions then this is a great series of videos to get you started. If you have been a Christian for some time then it could be a good way to test yourself also !

One Minute Apologist on YouTube

Thinking Matters

Thinking matters is a New Zealand based organization which brings together Apologists from all over the country for events where they will often speak on today's hot-button topics. They also have a whole host of resources, either online or books and DVDs to help you develop skills in the area of apologetics. If you look closely at the speakers, you may recognize somebody ! (hint - starts with a 'B' and ends with a 'ruce')

Thinking Matters Website